Suzuki Marine


Sea Breeze Marine is an authorised dealer for Suzuki Marine products. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you find the exact engine you need to suit your purposes. We stock the leading brand Suzuki 4-stroke outboards. Our trained service staff can service you engines as well as make all the necessary repairs to get your motor running efficiently.
Suzuki Motored Boat — Marine in Yeppoon, QLD

Boating Made Better


There is no other outboard brand like it in the world. Suzuki Marine is truly unique. You may think all outboards look the same, but once you get under the surface, you'll see why those in-the-know, choose Suzuki Marine. Our distinctive character is not what you see, it's what you feel - better acceleration, better fuel efficiency and better value... Suzuki Marine - Boating Made Better.

Better Acceleration

When it comes to speed, we often say "give it a bit more". With Suzuki Marine's offset driveshaft you can do just that! It lets you run a larger diameter propeller at a higher pitch, providing better acceleration at any given RPM.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Our Lean Burn technology deliver better fuel efficiency by predicting the amount of fuel you'll need to get where you need to go. Using real-time computer processors and sensors to optimise fuel delivery, it can deliver reductions up to 45%, taking control and precise timing to a new level in boating power!

Better Value

What you value is at the heart of our engine. Reliability that only comes with Japanese engineering; lower fuel consumption from Lean Burn technology and lower servicing costs with maintenance-free timing chains. Our multi-award winning products provide more value with features that are truly unique to Suzuki Marine.